Meet The Cosplayer – Devil’s Garden Cosplay

On this instalment of Meet The Cosplayer, we are meeting Damian! Damo is the genius behind Devil’s Garden Cosplay and the iconic CROC.

Damo is from Hemel Hempstead in Hertfordshire and lives with his wife Cathy, 2 sons Anton and Casper and his two crazy dogs.

He’s been doing cosplay since 2014 where he attended LFCC Winter and he cosplayed as Vaas Montenegro from Far Cry 3 as he had a Mohawk and a goatee at the time.

The thing that inspired Damo to start cosplaying was that his wife Cathy found a YouTube cosplay music video by the Youtubers Sneaky Zebra and as soon as he saw it he was so inspired and knew he had to do it! The excitement he saw from his son Anton inspired him to start up cosplay.

Damo’s most favorite cosplay is his well known Killer Croc/Croc from DC/Batman Arkham Games & Suicide Squad.



(Photography from Mike Wilkinson)

If there’s one moment in cosplay that’s stuck out for Damo, it would have to be in October 2016 he founded a cosplay group called SQUAD UK and it’s steadily grown to nearly 550 members and also has the hashtag #SQUADAgainstBullying, which has now teamed up with ‘Ditch The Label‘, an anti-bullying charity.

If you wanted one piece of advice from Damo it would be “Don’t let ANYONE tell you that you cannot cosplay a character! Cosplay is about freedom of expression so embrace that and BECOME THAT CHARACTER!”.


If you want to find Damo, his cosplay or any of his Squad activity then check out his Facebook, Instagram and group.