Meet The Cosplayer – Ivy Black

It’s Meet The Cosplayer again, and today we’re meeting Meg Barwick-Brag, known by persona of Ivy Black -(Ivy for Poison Ivy, and black for Black Widow), which is her two starting signature characters.

Ivy is a cosplayer from Manchester and she’s been cosplaying since 2015 but she has always loved costume design and dressing up as characters for Halloween years before learning what cosplay was.

Ivy started cosplaying following the death of an old friend who sadly passed away from cancer. They were both obsessed with Batman & Robin as children, to the point where Batman had a funeral. After her friend passed away Ivy became depressed and was working a job she hated. She then met a cosplayer called Lady Valentine Cosplay who worked above her and she invited her to a Batman shoot she was going to because they needed a Poison Ivy and her hair was red. Ivy loved it so much she set up her own page for the photo’s and She’s grown from just doing Ivy to at least 100 characters.

Ivy’s favourite cosplays are… all of them! She told us that she only chooses characters that she finds interesting to her so the one’s that she works on at the time are her favourite. Her most well known cosplay is her Black Widow because of the accuracy but her most recent was the Countess from American Horror Story Hotel.

(Photography by Ivy Black)

The one moment that sticks out for Ivy is where a lady asked her to appear at her son’s birthday party as his hero Black Widow. He had no idea she was coming and when she walked in he was so stunned he couldn’t speak. She told us “Half an hour later he was bringing me cupcakes and juice boxes like a little gentleman, and an hour later he was running round with my guns helping me “round up” Hydra agents (his friends). He asked if I’d stay to help him open his gifts and I had to leave so I told him I was going on another mission. He just nodded as if he understood, and said “SHIELD” knowingly. I high-fived him then and there”. That day was her best day because she really felt like she was somebody’s hero.

If you wanted one piece of advice from Ivy, she would tell you “Stop putting pressure on yourself, cosplay is a hobby and it’s supposed to be fun. It’s not a beauty pageant or anything you should take too seriously. If your hobby starts making you feel you’re not good enough then it’s no longer a hobby”.

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Meet The Cosplayer – Devil’s Garden Cosplay

On this instalment of Meet The Cosplayer, we are meeting Damian! Damo is the genius behind Devil’s Garden Cosplay and the iconic CROC.

Damo is from Hemel Hempstead in Hertfordshire and lives with his wife Cathy, 2 sons Anton and Casper and his two crazy dogs.

He’s been doing cosplay since 2014 where he attended LFCC Winter and he cosplayed as Vaas Montenegro from Far Cry 3 as he had a Mohawk and a goatee at the time.

The thing that inspired Damo to start cosplaying was that his wife Cathy found a YouTube cosplay music video by the Youtubers Sneaky Zebra and as soon as he saw it he was so inspired and knew he had to do it! The excitement he saw from his son Anton inspired him to start up cosplay.

Damo’s most favorite cosplay is his well known Killer Croc/Croc from DC/Batman Arkham Games & Suicide Squad.



(Photography from Mike Wilkinson)

If there’s one moment in cosplay that’s stuck out for Damo, it would have to be in October 2016 he founded a cosplay group called SQUAD UK and it’s steadily grown to nearly 550 members and also has the hashtag #SQUADAgainstBullying, which has now teamed up with ‘Ditch The Label‘, an anti-bullying charity.

If you wanted one piece of advice from Damo it would be “Don’t let ANYONE tell you that you cannot cosplay a character! Cosplay is about freedom of expression so embrace that and BECOME THAT CHARACTER!”.


If you want to find Damo, his cosplay or any of his Squad activity then check out his Facebook, Instagram and group.

Meet The Cosplayer – Astro Chaos

On this instalment on Meet The Cosplayer, we are meeting Astro Chaos. Astro Chaos has been cosplaying for 4 years now but have only been able to cosplay events for the last 3 years.

The thing that inspired Astro Chaos to cosplay is that she loved makeup and experimenting with new looks, so the seeds of cosplay started quite early. When she discovered she would recreate looks of certain characters and realised what a big cosplay community there was I knew then this was something she wanted to be a part of, plus who wouldn’t want to be their favourite characters?

Astro’s favorite cosplay is her Cyber Harley Quinn, which is her first original outfit that she put together and also was her debut at Comic Con. She plans on adding features to the outfit over the years for more detail.

(Photography by Keith Michael Williams)

We asked Astro Chaos what one moment in cosplay that stuck out for her and she said she was torn between 2. The first one was where she had a cosplay partner that came as the Joker and they had a blast being in character together, and the second is meeting cosplayers that she met online in person for the 1st time, she said it’s a very emotional experience getting to speak to them, having photo’s together and having a laugh is one of the best feelings.

If there is one piece of advice that Astro Chaos would give you on cosplay then it would be  have fun. She said “If the cosplay isn’t fun anymore, move on or alter it in some way. Perhaps give it time and then return to that character, never force anything you’re uncomfortable with. Cosplay is to be enjoyed so remember to have as many laughs as you can, that’s what makes it special”.

If you want to see her amazing work and my personal favorite her Harley then click on the link to her instagram below.


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Meet The Cosplayer – DC Theo Models

We had the pleasure of talking to Daniel Theophani, who is also known as DC Theo Models.

Daniel has been cosplaying for over 2 years now, and the thing that inspired him to cosplay is a friend asking him if he wanted to go to SFW6 for a “Nerds weekend of sci-fi and drinking” and after he agreed his friends proceeded to tell him he would need a costume or he would feel out of place, so in the midst of thinking about buying one but after youtubing cosplay he thought he could give it a go!

The most favorite cosplay he’s ever done is his Reinhardt from Overwatch, crossed with Baymax from Big Hero 6.

(Photography by Laughing Orc Photography)
We asked him what the one moment in cosplay that’s stuck out for him, and he told us “There’s 2 moments and I can’t choose between them. The first was while building my second cosplay, I wanted to make a steampunk warmachine from Ironman, but my 5 year old daughter said and I quote “Don’t make that one daddy its rubbish! Make that!” and she pointed to the red armored baymax from big hero 6 on the tv at the time  So i did and that was the start. I also recently placed at MCM london masquerade on the Sunday with my reinhardt/Baymax the experience was amazing. I don’t like to be the main focus and am trying to get over a fear of being on stage, but I got to meet new and old friends!”

(Photography by Laughing Orc Photography)

If you wanted one piece of advice from Daniel on Cosplay, he would say to try it. To not be afraid of messing things up because we learn from our mistakes. He said all 4 of his cosplays have had one or more parts re-made as he made mistakes from little one’s like forgetting to take the thickness of foam into account when measuring your arm.

If you want to see more amazing work from him, checkout his facebook page and his instagram as linked below.




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