Best Places To Buy Cosplay Wigs. 

So you’ve picked your cosplay. You know exactly what your looking for but then suddenly your thinking, where do I buy a wig from? Do you go cheap and risk getting one that got less fibres then a 10 year old mop, or splash out and risk spending loads of money for a wig that might not be worth your buck. 

Here at The Cosplay Times we have some wig experts which have put it down to 2 best wig shops if your looking for UK delivery, best quality and price. 

1. Black Candy Fashion Wigs

Black Candy Fashion Wigs are a UK based online wig store which has a variety of cosplay wigs. The best thing about this shop is that the wigs are affordable and excellent quality. They sell a variety of standard wigs to lacefront wigs in every colour or style you could imagine. If you want to see reviews of their wigs search up ‘Black Candy Fashion Wigs Review‘ on YouTube for some great videos, but I f you want to see their site click on the link below to see their site. 

Black Candy Fashion

2. Lush Wigs 

Lush wigs are another UK based wig store with 100’s of different styles. They have an account section on their site where you can make your own personalised account and save wigs on a wish list to be notified when they are in stock which is great for those of you who plans lots of cosplays at one time. If you want to see their site click on the link below. 

Lush Wigs
 We really hope this helps you in your wig finding for your cosplay, remember to thumbs up this post and if you’ve shopped at these stores or different stores comment below your suggestions to help others! 

The Cosplay Times